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20 Ingredient Shopping List

The 20 ingredients shopping list changes each week and produces 5 healthy dinners from the one 20 ingredient list.  This minimizes both the time you spend in the grocery store as well as the expense of the groceries.  The idea is that by making different meals out of the same 20 ingredients, you will more easily find time for a short run in your busy schedule.  Often when there are no groceries at home and no plan for dinner, convenience wins over healthy choices.  We have all eaten takeout for dinner simply because it was .  Lengthy grocery lists that contain items you only use for a recipe or two take forever to buy for and and are very expensive.  Manageable grocery runs allow you to take control of what you eat by increasing your odds to eat dinner at home.  The GoFor20 system makes your eat-at-home meals less time consuming than going for takeout, less costly to your budget, and more effectively produce a healthy fit you!

How It Works

Once on the Member Dashboard page, scroll down below the workouts and click on the meal planner button.


After the planner opens you will see a generate shopping list on both This Week’s Dinners and on your personalized plan.


Clicking on the generate shopping list button will produce the list for the meals listed in that planner (This Week’s Dinners or your personalized planner).

Note :

Units of measure are required to be selected to generate your shopping list. Most people in the US use Imperial. You will select your units of measurement here.


How Do You Add Other Items To Your Grocery List?

You can add items you need to purchase outside of ingredients on your meal plan simply by hitting the “Add Ingredient Button.”

If you want to eliminate a recipe’s items from the grocery list, then it must be removed from the planner by opening the recipe and trash canning it on the recipe itself.


Grocery lists can be emailed to yourself for easy viewing on your smart phone or printed.