Equipment for GoFor20

Essential Equipment is used regularly during the workouts, but substitutions can easily be made. For example, a sand filled milk jug could be used instead of dumbbells. Whatever you have to replicate the exercise is perfectly fine.

In almost all situations using a piece of equipment is appropriate. My suggestion is to perform the exercises using equipment before spending any more money. If you are ready to add to your arsenal of weapons, think through your purchase to ensure you are getting the right piece for you.


Exercise Ball

A large, inflatable ball that comes in various sizes based on the user’s height. You should be able to sit on top of the ball while your feet are flat on the floor. (cost $8-$40)  


Select a mat that suits your floor type. All you need is a non-slip surface to allow you to work comfortably. (cost $10- $40)

2 Small Medicine Balls

Handheld size weighted soft balls. Usually 3-8 lbs each, and must be able to be gripped in one hand.I use the 3 lbs and find anything larger unable to be gripped well.($5- $10 each)

Moderate and heavy dumbbells, a pair of each.

The small medicine balls will serve as your light weights. The dumbbells will provide a challenge to help you build muscle.(cost $1-$2.50/lb)

Resistance band

Long stretchy tubes with handles on both ends. I prefer Spri brand, but any resistance band will do. Look for one with the simple plastic tube handles, they seem to be the most comfortable. Giving yourself a light, medium and heavy selection of bands would be best, but if you only want to invest in one band- choose your medium resistance. There are typically multiple colors, each denoting a resistance change. In the Spri line, the heavy to light colors are: purple, blue, red, green, yellow. I use blue, red and green. (cost $8- $15 each)

Exercise Ring

Circle shaped stretchy rings designed to easily go around your ankles and create resistance. The Spri brand is my favorite, and I think it’s worth it to get a ring with ankle cuffs. Select a ring of moderate resistance, ensuring you can still control the movements of your legs while wearing it. ($12- $18)