The GoFor20 Curriculum


  1. Explanation of GoFor20’s reasoning for utilizing basal metabolic rate and macronutrients as the foundation for building meal plans
  2. Basal Metabolic Rate
    1. What is it?
    2. Why is it important?
    3. How to use it for weight loss?
    4. How can you change it?
  3. Why GoFor20 believes a one size fits all plan is wrong, and customizing a plan for every individual is right
  4. Required tools for success
    1. Kitchen scale, measuring cups/spoons
    2. Basic fitness necessities
  5. How to measure and determine intake of calories
  6. Water, why the body holds it
  7. Must Consume Calories and why each is a must
    1. protein
    2. water
    3. produce
  8. Spendable Calories
    1. fats
    2. sugar
    3. alcohol
    4. non-produce carbohydrates
  9. Banking calories to spend later
  10. Why healthy fats will still make you fat
  11. Why organization is critical (poor decisions are often made out of convenience)
  12. What are macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, protein).
    1. Caloric value of each
    2. How the body manages each after consumption
  13. Why the body stores sugar as fat
  14. Analyzing workability/longevity of a plan (tortoise versus hare)
  15. Choosing complete proteins
  16. Complex carbohydrates vs simple and how the body treats them differently
  17. Gimmicks, if something sounds crazy- then it is (Why the dynamic duo is fitness & nutrition)
  18. What is glycemic load and how if affects weight gain
  19. Protein’s impact on glycemic load
  20. Picking yourself up after stumbling