GoFor20 provides nutritional, health, and fitness support to clients just like you. We are continually improving our user experience to provide the most comprehensive and effective program in the industry. Our one-on-one coaching program is custom tailored to your lifestyle.

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What does GoFor20 offer?


20 Minutes a Day


From an Orthopedic Surgeon


Meal Planner and Recipes


Get your heart rate up with super fun, 20 minute workouts. Emilie wants you to train smarter, not harder.


Dr. Paul Kiritsis, board certified orthopedic
surgeon, shares information on injury prevention.


Enjoy healthy, delicious, and nutritious recipes crafted by the Kiritsis Kitchen. Use the meal planner to plan your meals for the week and print/email shopping lists for easy access on the go.

At home or on the go, we're here for you.

Why GoFor20 works

It is your time-saving, comprehensive fitness and nutrition SOLUTION. No more boring guides; GoFor20 memberships give you fun, fast video workouts set to energizing music and delicious meal options in the convenience of a meal planner. Dr. Paul provides medical expertise and will personally answer your questions. GoFor20 is the affordable way to combine a personal trainer, nutritionist, and medical professional into one life-changing program.

Kimberly G.current member
GoFor20 is awesome, because one membership gives me everything I need - a nutritionist, trainer, and medical advice all in one. It is so much easier to use GoFor20, then all the other apps I was using. This program helps me stay on track.

What members say

Real people with real results.

Tim S.
My wife introduced me to GoFor20 as something we could do together to improve our health. I've gained lean muscle and lost fat. The workouts are efficient and the meal plan has variety. It's a great program for anyone looking to get in shape.
Nicole D.
Delicious dinner tonight!!! Pork and cucumber noodle salad.
Christine O.
I just signed up and I cant wait for the workouts! hoping to have abs like Emilie one day!


It doesn't take magic, it takes the correct instruction and nutrition. You can do it.